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Setting Up Payment Gateways

Charitable provides three payment gateways out of the box:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Offline Donations

In addition, you can purchase gateway extensions for the following payment gateways:

Activating/deactivating payment gateways

Payment gateways are activated and deactivated in the WordPress dashboard. Go to Charitable > Settings and click on the Payment Gateways tab.

To enable a gateway, click on the Enable Gateway button in its block. Once a gateway is activated, this button is replaced by a Disable Gateway button that can be clicked to turn off the payment gateway.

Configuring gateway settings

To configure an individual payment gateway, click on the Gateway Settings button for that gateway. See gateway-specific documentation for details about setting up your chosen gateway(s):

Using Easy Digital Downloads gateways

With our EDD Connect extension, all donations are made through the EDD checkout. You can manage your payment gateways through the EDD Settings; Charitable’s gateways will not be used.

Find out more: EDD Connect Documentation