Manage donations effortlessly in one place

Charitable comes with profiles, communication features, and more to help you manage donations and build relationships with donors. Your own low-cost CRM is here. 

Top features for effective donor management 

Discover the range of features Charitable gives you for raising funds in an easier, more organized way. 

Automatically keep donors informed about the status of their contribution. 

Maintain a crystal-clear view of the amounts you’ve received and how far you still have to go. 

Highlight your most crucial causes so well-wishers prioritize them first. 

Add a community feel to your site with profiles that donors can access and edit. 

Send emails that feel especially written for each of the recipient donors. 

Let donors commit to monthly contributions to help you plan and do more good. 

Generate receipts for tax or bookkeeping within Charitable and in seconds. 

Connect Charitable with popular marketing tools for spreading awareness. 

Receive funds whichever way’s best for you, whether through your preferred gateway or even offline.

3 reasons Charitable makes donor management a breeze

Here’s why you’ll love managing your donor relationships and fundraising efforts with Charitable

Build stronger donor relationships

Keep your supporters engaged and informed with automatic updates on their contributions. Create a community by letting donors customize their profiles and easily access their donation history. Receive donations through your preferred payment gateway or even offline contributions – the choice is yours!

Automatic donor updates

Personalized profiles

Recurring donations

Inspire donors with personalized gratitude

Highlight your most critical causes and inspire targeted giving from passionate donors. Send heartfelt thank-you emails, personalized receipts, and personalized updates that resonate with each supporter. Set up follow-up messages so your donors can respond when you need more support.

Personalized thanks

Highlight urgent needs

Increased donor retention

Know more about your campaigns with powerful reports

Track your progress and identify your most reliable supporters. Charitable’s downloadable reports help you stay informed on the status of each campaign. Stay informed on your most successful campaigns – total donations, donors, and progress updates. Get insights for raising even more.

Enhanced campaign insights

Track progress effectively

Identify loyal supporters

5000+ apps for even easier donation management 

Nurture continued giving with donor management

Pre-defined Messeges

Automated Emails 

Personalized Followups 

Email Tags 

Receive support whichever way’s most convenient

Several payment options, including offline, ensure that no one’s left out. 

Automate crucial updates 

Set donation and year-end receipts to go out automatically. 

Empowering donor profile management

Let donors manage their own profiles and recurring donation settings. 

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