Make a bigger impact with actionable Donation Reports

Spark ideas for increasing donations with Charitable’s detail-rich reporting dashboard. See donor trends and visualize donation data to get the most out of your fundraiser.

Insights for knowing your progress and raising more funds

Charitable presents details about your campaigns and donors for you to get new ideas and make better decisions. 

See your total donations, average amounts, and number of donors within a 7, 14, or 30-day time frame. 

View an easy-to-understand visual timeline of your donations over a chosen period. 

Take a look at your recent donations and a summary of the campaign, payment method, and amount. 

Stay updated on your most active campaigns with info such as total donations, all donors, and the overall progress. 

Download or print your donation reports as PDF files for easy reference or sharing. 

View the profiles of donors who gave the most over your selected period to keep encouraging their giving spirit. 

Go through a day-to-day review of your total donations and refunds, with the ability to download it as a CSV file. 

See a straightforward timeline of the actions happening on your site, helping you spot campaigns that are getting more popular. 

Get an overview of lapsed donors and the date of their last donation so you can re-engage them. 

3 reasons to love fundraising reports with Charitable

Get Charitable and raise funds more efficiently than ever and with zero stress from technical problems

Understand your donor base with powerful reports

See your total donations, average amounts, and number of donors in clear 7, 14, or 30-day snapshots. Visualize donation trends over time with easy-to-understand graphs. Download or print reports for convenient sharing and reference.

Track donor trends

Visual donation data

Clear donation insights

Track campaign performance to see what works

Get a quick glimpse at recent donations, including campaign, payment method, and amount. Stay informed on your most successful campaigns – total donations, donors, and progress updates.

Identify top performers

Understand donor behavior

Track successful campaigns

Use donor insights to boost funding

Analyze daily totals and refunds, with the option to download data for further analysis. Gain insights into lapsed donors and their last donation dates to plan targeted re-engagement strategies.

Cost efficiency

Grow donations

Improved fundraising effectiveness

Integrates with all of your essential apps

Stay informed about campaigns and donors

Timeframe Comparisons

Comprehensive, clear at a glance



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