Get repeat donations you can rely on

Donors can automatically contribute any amount at their chosen frequency, simplifying the process for them and providing you with reliable funding. Discover why Charitable is the top choice for managing recurring donations with our feature list below.

Features that make Charitable the top choice for recurring donations

See why it’s so easy to get dependable support from your donors with Charitable. 

Activating the recurring donations options is as simple as a few clicks in the WordPress dashboard. 

Your donors can log into their accounts to adjust their commitment to you and you never have to intervene. 

Give donors the flexibility to give every month, quarter, or year so they have total flexibility to contribute. 

Everything’s on autopilot when you set up recurring donations and a donor agrees to pay an amount at a certain frequency.

Let donors pay you through Payrexx, PayPal, Square, and several others depending on what’s most convenient for you and them. 

Charitable never stores card or payment details on your website, meaning you and donors can have total peace of mind. 

Reach your goal faster and avoid expenses piling up by letting donors take care of any transaction fees. 

Stay connected with your donors by contacting them regularly inside Charitable with our easy-to-use newsletter integrations.

Be aware of your progress in precise detail, and get insights for running even more successful donation campaigns. 

3 reasons why recurring donations are successful with Charitable

Charitable makes it easier than ever to secure recurring donations, the lifeblood of predictable funding. By simplifying the donation process and offering flexible payment options, we empower supporters to contribute regularly, ensuring you can plan confidently.

Grow your cause year-round with predictable funds

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a feast or famine. With recurring donations, you can secure steady funding throughout the year. Charitable lets you easily add the option of recurring donations to online forms with customizable amounts and frequency, encouraging users to donate regularly with what they are comfortable with.

Effortless setup

Predictable income

Grow monthly funding

Offer donors the convenience of automated giving

Provide donors with the convenience of automated giving, allowing them to support your cause with monthly, quarterly, or annual donations. They can manage donations in their account; automated donations keep your cause top-of-mind. Additionally, send personalized thank-you emails to express gratitude to your supporters.

Convenient giving

Flexbile donation options

Increases donor retention

Accept recurring donations worldwide at no extra cost

Charitable makes it easy to accept recurring donations in any currency with the payment provider of your choice without any middleman fees. Benefit from zero transaction fees to maximize the impact of your recurring donations.

We have integrations with all the popular payment methods, so you can accept payments via credit card, ACH bank transfer, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, and even international payment methods.

Zero transaction fees

Multiple currencies

Fee-free donations

Combine Charitable with other great apps

Take it from other non-profits raising funds with Charitable

Over 10,000 non-profits are raising more funds, building relationships with donors, and creating greater social impact with Charitable. 

Frequently asked questions

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