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Youth Sports

Accept donations for a local school’s sports or athletics team.

School Trip

Raise funds for a school trip or fundraiser.

Animal Sanctuary

Get funds for your mission to rescue or rehabilitate.

Save The Museum

Save a histroical building, residence, or important landmark.


Preserve nature and the earth for future generations.

Disaster Relief

Help those effected by natural disasters.

Club / Organization

Fund programs or help increase funds for a worthy organization.

Medical Causes

Have a goal for more research, better treatment or a cure.

Medical Bills

Raise funds to devote towards medical treatment of a friend or family member.


Simpler, More Effective Fundraising in a Few Clicks

See how Charitable makes accepting donations easier while adding new functionalities to your fundraising campaign. Build any kind of donation page you dream of. 

When you see a template you like, adding it is as simple as clicking once – and you’re on your way. 

All themes from Astra to Divi to Elementor to all others work great with Charitable. 

Rearrange the fields of your donation page to highlight the most important details or make donating smoother. 

Each template provides detailed info on making donations and clearly guides visitors through a fast checkout process. 

Offer the option to become a voice for your cause right from the donation page. Ambassadors can raise funds that go directly to you. 

Motivate donors by showing your progress, how much you still need, and that you’re racing against time. 

Make your donation button appealing and suited to your cause or what inspires your donors most. 

Draft part of your donation page and return to it later to continue your progress. 

Keep donors informed about how your cause is going so you can count on them tomorrow. 

Frequently asked questions

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