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Charitable Stripe



Securely accept credit card donations with Stripe, a popular, easy to use payment gateway. You can accept credit card donations directly on-site, or offer your donors a streamlined payment page hosted by Stripe.

Accept credit card donations securely with Stripe

With the Charitable Stripe extension, you can give your donors the option of making card donations directly on your website, without being redirected anywhere else.

Stripe on-site card payments

Accept credit card donations on your website securely with Stripe.

The payment form uses Stripe’s integrated card field, which is designed to blend seamlessly with your other donation form fields, providing a secure, user-friendly way for your to accept credit card donations.

Take card payments offsite with Stripe Checkout

Prefer to accept card payments offsite? The plugin has built-in support for Stripe Checkout, a streamlined one-page payment page hosted by Stripe.

Screenshot of Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout offers a streamlined, attractive payment form.

Stripe Checkout fully supports payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay, in addition to standard card payments.

Collect recurring donations with Stripe

The Stripe extension integrates seamlessly with Charitable’s Recurring Donations plugin, so you can easily start collecting recurring donations with Stripe.

Stripe handles weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually recurring donations.

Let donors pay the transaction fee

Add the Fee Relief extension alongside Stripe to give your donors the option of increasing their donation to cover Stripe’s transaction fees.

It’s an easy yet powerful way to grow your donations.

Use Stripe globally

Stripe is available in more than 45 countries through the Americas, Europe, parts of Asia and Australia and New Zealand.

Find out if your country is supported via the Stripe Global page.

More Details

There are some minimum requirements for using the Stripe plugin:

  • A account.
  • An SSL certificate (required by Stripe).
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Charitable 1.6.22+

You will find detailed documentation here: Charitable Stripe documentation.

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