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Charitable Paystack

Accept donations with Paystack, a leading payment processor for organizations in Africa.

A modern payment gateway for African organizations

Paystack is trusted by over 60,000 businesses in Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa. It allows you to accept donations from local supporters as well as donors from across the world.

Donors can give using card payments and EFT.

Learn more about Paystack at

Transparent pricing with Paystack

Paystack only charges you for successful transactions, with no monthly fees or minimum costs.

You can find a breakdown of Paystack’s transaction fees at

Secure off-site payments

Payment takes place on Paystack’s checkout PCI-DSS-certified checkout page, giving your donors complete confidence that their details will be process securely.

Paystack also uses an automatic fraud monitoring system to help protect you from fraud.

As with every payment gateway integration developed by Charitable, the Paystack plugin follows best practices to make sure your donors’ details are handled securely. Sensitive payment data is never stored in your WordPress website’s database.

Accept recurring donations with Paystack

Use Charitable Paystack with our Recurring Donations plugin to start accepting recurring donations with Paystack.

With no extra setup steps required, you can quickly start collecting weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually recurring donations.

Let donors pay the transaction fee

Couple Charitable Paystack with the Fee Relief extension to allow your donors to give extra to cover Paystack’s transaction fees — it’s a simple, proven way to boost your fundraising.

More information

Get started with the Charitable Paystack setup guide.

Minimum requirements:

  • PHP 7.2+
  • Charitable 1.6.43

Get Charitable Pro

Upgrade to one of our four Charitable paid plans - these plans can allow you to unlock access to Paystack, and save $100 or more when you purchase today!

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