Charitable Recurring Donations

Setting up Recurring Donations with Charitable


Installing the Charitable Recurring Donations plugin is the same as installing any other Charitable extension. If you’re not sure how to do that, we recommend first reading our guide to installing Charitable extensions.

Adding recurring donations to a campaign

You can set the “Recurring Donations Mode” from the donation options for your campaign. You can add recurring donations to your campaign in either “simple” or “advanced” modes.

Screenshot of recurring donations settings in campaign admin

Recurring Donation Options: Simple, Advanced, or None.

New Custom Emails

Recurring Donations adds new emails, which can be enabled and configured in the Charitable Settings. These emails are as follows:

  • Admin notification of new recurring donation
  • Admin notification when a recurring donation is renewed
  • Donor notification of new and renewal donations
Screenshot of email settings page in Charitable

Recurring Donations adds new emails, which can be enabled and configured in the Charitable Settings.

Email Hierarchy

If you have enabled both the “Donor: Donation Receipt” and the “Donor: Recurring Donation Receipt” emails, a recurring donation will trigger the “Donor: Recurring Donation Receipt” and not both receipt emails. If only one is enabled, then a Donor will receive the enabled email as their receipt. This separation allows you to optionally fine tune the emails sent to recurring donors.

New Email Shortcodes

Recurring donations adds a new shortcode for emails:

[charitable_email show="recurring_summary"]
Screenshot of Recurring Donation Receipt email settings

Recurring Donation Receipt for Donors

This shortcode adds a new table displaying the recurring donation’s amount, frequency, status, and start date.

Cancelling Donations

To cancel a recurring donation, you need to log into the payment gateway and cancel it in there.

Gateway Setup Instructions

Depending on which payment gateway you use, you may need to follow some extra steps to get Recurring Donations up and running.


Our Stripe integration with Recurring Donations requires a webhook in order for recurring donations to be marked as active. Find out how to set up a Stripe webhook.


 Authorize.Net requires several extra steps to make sure your renewal donations are automatically recorded, and to secure the process. Find out how to configure Authorize.Net for Recurring Donations.


Please note: Recurring Donations doesn’t work with the following extensions:

  • Easy Digital Downloads Connect