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Charitable Payrexx

Payrexx is a payment solution designed to help you accept donations from donors around the world, while supporting the payment methods your donors prefer.

The Charitable Payrexx plugin makes it easy to begin using Payrexx to accept donations on your WordPress website.


Installing Charitable Payrexx is the same as installing any other Charitable extension. If you’re not sure how to do that, we recommend first reading our guide to installing Charitable extensions.

Activate the gateway

After you have installed and activated the Charitable Payrexx plugin, you need to activate it as a payment gateway. If you are on the Plugins page, you can do this directly from there by clicking on the “Activate Payrexx gateway” link:

Screenshot showing the link to activate the Payrexx gateway for accepting donations with Charitable.

Alternatively, you can activate the gateway through the Payment Gateways settings page:

  1. Go to Charitable > Settings > Payment Gateways
  2. Click on Enable Gateway in the Payrexx block.


To take payments with Payrexx, you will need to configure Charitable with your Payrexx API key and instance name.

  1. Go to Charitable > Settings > Payment Gateways.
  2. Click on Gateway Settings.

If you don’t have a Payrexx account yet, now is the time to set one up:

Setting up your API keys

Charitable requires your Payrexx API key and instance name to start accepting payments through Payrexx.

Screenshot showing the Payrexx settings page for Charitable in the WordPress dashboard.

To find your API key and instance name, log into your Payrexx account at

After logging in, you will be redirected to your Payrexx admin panel. You can find your instance name in the URL:

A screenshot showing how to find the Payrexx instance name by looking at the URL of the Payrexx admin panel after logging in.
Your instance name is the subdomain of your Payrexx admin panel URL. In our case, it’s wpcharitable, but yours will be different.

Next, find your API key on the API & Integrations page. Your API key is available at the top of the page (you can use the default API key or create a new one if you’d prefer).

A screenshot of the API & Integrations page in the Payrexx admin panel.
You’ll find your Payrexx API key on the API & Integrations page.

Click Copy and then paste this value into your Payrexx settings in Charitable.

Add your webhook

The next step to set up your integration with Payrexx is to add a webhook in your Payrexx admin panel. Without a webhook, any donations paid through Payrexx will not be marked as Paid automatically.

Screenshot showing the form used to create a new webhook in Payrexx.
You need to create a webhook in your Payrexx admin panel.
  1. Click on Webhooks.
  2. Click on Add webhook.
  3. The “Name” setting is optional, but you may wish to name it Charitable to make it obvious what the webhook is used for.
  4. Set the “Webhook URL” setting to your website’s domain followed by /charitable-listener/payrexx. For example, if your website is, your webhook URL will be:
  5. Select “JSON” for the “Webhook Type” setting.
  6. Choose “2020-06-10” for the “Webhook Version” setting. This is the version that the Charitable integration has been tested against.
  7. Finally, click Add to save the webhook.