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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising & Crowdfunding with Charitable


Peer-to-peer fundraising is a powerful fundraising channel for your non-profit. It gives your supporters a way of doing much more than just making a donation. As they create fundraising campaigns, your supporters spread awareness of your organisation through their network of family and friends.

With Charitable Ambassadors, you can give your supporters a platform to put together an amazing fundraiser for your organisation.

Charitable Ambassadors allows you to create a public campaign submission form, using a simple shortcode.

Campaign submission form

The front end submission form, added with [charitable_submit_campaign].

You can also create a separate page that allows campaign creators to see the campaigns they have created. After your Ambassador has added a campaign, they can keep track of their fundraising efforts with this page.

Campaign creators can track the campaigns they have created

Campaign creators can track the campaigns they have created.

The extension gives you configuration options to give you control over the campaign submission form. You can choose whether campaign creators are required to be logged in before submitting a campaign, force campaigns to be within a certain length and decide whether campaign creators can export a record of the donations made to their campaign.

Charitable Ambassadors settings page

Build Crowdfunding Communities with Charitable Ambassadors

Charitable Ambassadors lets you choose whether people can create fundraisers for personal causes.

When the Ambassador creates a campaign for a personal cause, they add their PayPal address, allowing you to send them any money their campaign raises.

Fundraising options with Charitable Ambassadors

With Ambassadors, you can let your fundraisers raise money for their own personal cause

Get started with peer-to-peer fundraising

Ready to start building your own peer-to-peer fundraising platform?

Click here to see the pricing options for Charitable Ambassadors.

Not sure if Charitable Ambassadors is right for you? We would love to chat with you to see if Charitable Ambassadors is a good fit for your needs.

Get in touch.

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