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Charitable Ambassadors


Turn your supporters into passionate ambassadors for your cause.

With Charitable Ambassadors, you can use peer-to-peer fundraising to leverage your supporters’ network of friends and family.

Peer-to-peer fundraising (also commonly referred to as social fundraising) is a powerful tool for non-profits and NGOs. Organisations like charity:water, the ALS Association, American Cancer Society and Alzheimer’s Association are among those who use p2p fundraising to expand their reach.

Charitable Ambassadors brings peer-to-peer fundraising to WordPress.

How it works

Campaign submission form

The frontend submission form, pictured here with the Layers theme.

With Ambassadors installed, you can add a campaign submission form to a standard WordPress page.

You can also create a separate page where your fundraisers can see a list of the campaigns they have created and edit them.

Fundraiser dashboard

Fundraisers can see their submitted campaigns

Ambassadors allows you to choose whether campaign creators can export details about who donated to their campaign and how long their campaigns can be.

Crowdfunding: Allow People to Raise Money for Personal Causes

You can choose whether fundraisers can raise money for your organisation, personal causes, or both.

By giving people a place to fundraise for their own cause, you can easily create a crowdfunding platform powered by Charitable Ambassadors.

Fundraising options with Charitable Ambassadors

With Ambassadors, you can let your fundraisers raise money for their own personal cause

Want to see Charitable Ambassadors in action? Click here to view our demo. 


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