Share updates about your fundraising campaign

Share updates about your campaigns and display them in a widget, with a shortcode or a PHP function.

Share updates about your fundraising campaign

Charitable Simple Updates adds a new tab called “Updates” to the advanced campaign settings box, allowing you to write about any developments in your fundraising campaign.

Display updates with a widget

The Updates widget can be added via the WordPress Customizer
The Updates widget can be added via the WordPress Customizer

Simple Updates comes with a super simple widget that you can drop into any of your theme’s widget ready areas.

Just open up the WordPress Customizer and add the Campaign Updates widget where you’d like it. You can choose to show updates by a specific campaign or limit it to the campaign currently being viewed. You can also choose to completely hide the widget if there are no updates to show.

Display updates with a shortcode

You can also add the Updates to any content area using the [campaign_updates] shortcode. In this example, we have added the updates to the campaign’s extended description:

Adding the [campaign_updates] shortcode to the campaign description.
Adding the campaign updates shortcode to the campaign description

Integrate it with a PHP function

If you’re comfortable writing a little PHP, you can integrate updates with a simple PHP function.



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