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Charitable Gift Aid

UK Charities: Start Accepting Gift Aid on Your WordPress Donations

Boost your donations by 25% with Gift Aid, a tax incentive for charities in the United Kingdom

If you are a registered UK charity or non-profit, our Gift Aid extension is a must-have. It gives your donors an easy way to boost their donation through the government’s Gift Aid tax incentive.

Get setup for Gift Aid in minutes

Charitable Gift Aid is an instant setup plugin. Just install it, activate it and you’re done. A new Gift Aid declaration section is instantly added to all your campaign donation forms.

Gift Aid Section on a Donation Form

The Gift Aid declaration section is automatically added to campaign donation forms when you activate the plugin.

Easy to customize

Not 100% happy with the default text used in the Gift Aid declaration section? No problem.

All of the text can be easily changed with the WordPress Customizer.

Screenshot of Customizer Settings for Gift Aid

Customizing the Gift Aid declaration is really easy with the WordPress Customizer

Export Gift Aid donation reports

The Gift Aid extension also provides a special donation export tool to simplify your reporting. Just use the Export tool on the Donations page to download a CSV file with your Gift Aid donations, including all the information you need to report to the HMRC.

Screenshot of Gift Aid Donations export form

Export a CSV file with your Gift Aid donations to simplify reporting.

Start accepting Gift Aid donations on WordPress today

Charitable Gift Aid is available as part of our Plus and Pro packages.

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