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Quick Command-Line Setup

If you would like to quickly build a test site and pre-populate it with Charitable campaigns, donations and pages, you can use the setup script. Note that this is not provided in the official releases on; you need to grab the full development version from GitHub.


# Navigate to the plugins folder in your WordPress installation
cd /path/to/wordpress/wp-content/plugins

# Clone to Charitable repository
git clone [email protected]:Charitable/Charitable.git charitable

# Run the setup script

Setup Script Parameters

Parameter Description
--campaigns=<campaigns> The number of campaigns to be created. Defaults to 0.
--donations=<donations> The number of donations to be created automatically. Defaults to 0.
--allow-root Run the command as root user. This passes the --allow-root argument to the WP CLI commands.

This allows you to rapidly create a test site with dummy campaigns & donations, as well as pages for most of the shortcodes that Charitable includes.