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Fundraise Button Shortcode

This documentation applies to Charitable Ambassadors 2.0, which is currently in beta.

Stumbled across this page and curious to try out Ambassadors 2.0 while it’s still in beta? Become a beta tester.

The [charitable_fundraise_button] shortcode adds a link or button that people can click to go to the fundraising form for a particular campaign.

Premium Feature

The [charitable_fundraise_button] shortcode is exclusively available with Charitable Ambassadors.


  • parent_campaign_id: Set the parent campaign’s ID. This can be left out or set to current to display the fundraise button for the campaign currently being viewed.
  • display: Whether to display a button or a link. Options: button or link. This defaults to button.
  • text: The text to display in the button or link. If this is left out, the default text is Fundraise.


Add a fundraise button for the current campaign


Add a fundraise button for a specific campaign

[charitable_fundraise_button parent_campaign_id=28]

Show a fundraise link

[charitable_fundraise_button parent_campaign_id=28 display=link]

Change the button text

[charitable_fundraise_button parent_campaign_id=28 text="Create a Fundraiser"]