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Craft Beautiful Annual Receipts for Your Donors: Plugin News (March)

Charitable - the best WordPress nonprofit plugin

March has been another busy month for us, and we’re excited to roll out another new extension this month: Annual Receipts.

Create beautiful annual receipts

In many countries, donations to nonprofit organizations can help donors reduce their tax. As a nonprofit organization, you can help your generous donors benefit from this by providing them with easy access to annual receipts that summarize their year’s giving.

Our Annual Receipts plugin provides you with the tools you need to create beautiful annual receipts for your donors. You can use the WordPress block editor to put together an annual receipt page quickly and easily, all while enjoying a live preview of what your annual receipt will look like for your donors.

Build an annual receipt page in under a minute.

Your donors can access their annual receipts online (including previous years’ receipts), print them, or download them.

Plugin updates in March

Besides the Annual Receipts plugin, we released eight updates to Charitable and extension plugins in March.

Charitable 1.6.57 & 1.6.58

  • We added a new printable page template, including custom styles for printing. This is not used in the core plugin yet, but it is required for Annual Receipts, as well as PDF Receipts, which is close to release.
  • Under the hood, we improved the database queries that are used to get donation data, providing more flexibility. This lays the groundwork for improvements to the [charitable_stat] shortcode.
  • The Offline Payment Instructions can now include shortcodes. This is particularly useful if you are using a plugin like Polylang to translate your website into different languages.
  • We fixed some PHP notices that were triggered when displaying a donation form on a separate page.
  • In the donation receipt, we made sure the total donation amount shown in the summary includes any fees added through Fee Relief.
  • Also in the donation receipt, we fixed up the layout of the donation summary section, which didn’t look great in certain themes.
  • Autocomplete has been switched off on all datepicker fields.
  • We fixed an issue with the modals not working correctly in some block themes.
  • On pages with multiple donation forms, each form now has a unique HTML ID.
  • The Donation Stats widget had a fatal error when using Polylang, which has been fixed now.
  • In certain very rare circumstances, the email verification template could show an error. This has been fixed to ensure the template gracefully handles any problems with email verification.

Ambassadors 2.1.14 & 2.1.15

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when editing campaigns / fundraisers via the front-end form. If the form included an end date field, the end date was incorrectly reset to January 23, 2000. Random, annoying, and now fixed.
  • Translating the fundraiser type names (Individual, Team or Team Member) previously caused issues where fundraisers didn’t record their type correctly. This has been resolved now. Users will now always see the translated type names, though the original English version is what is stored in the database.
  • The charitable_ambassadors_campaign_types hook filters all valid campaign types. This was previously an indexed array; it is now an associative array, with the key being a lower-case, dash-separated string (i.e. team-member) and the value being the translatable readable version.

Recurring 1.2.19

  • When using the donation widget with a campaign using Advanced mode (the tabbed layout for recurring donations), submitting the donation form could result in a message to the donor saying that they needed to give more than $0. This has been resolved now, with pre-set amounts properly respected.

Automation Connect 1.0.3

  • We made a small fix to ensure that the Automation Connect row on the Plugins page shows a quick link to access webhook subscriptions, so it’s easier to find your way to the settings after installing the plugin.

Fee Relief 1.1.10

  • We fixed a bug preventing Fee Relief from working correctly when there are multiple donation forms on the same page.
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