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PayUMoney: A Payment Gateway for Indian NGOs

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Our latest extension is a payment gateway add-on, created especially for Indian organisations. Our PayUMoney plugin lets your supporters donate through PayUMoney, where they can pay with their credit or debit card, internet banking or rewards program.

PayUMoney Payment Page
With PayUMoney your supporters can donate with their credit card debit card internet banking or rewards program

PayUMoney: An Indian Gateway for Indian Non-Profits

PayPal is a great option for non-profits in the US, Europe, Australia and other countries, but ever since launching Charitable we have been keenly aware that it is not suitable in many other parts of the world.

With Charitable PayUMoney, we are empowering Indian non-profits with a rock-solid WordPress donation plugin. Once you sign up as a PayUMoney merchant, you are ready to begin accepting donations in Indian Rupees from your local supporters.

Charitable PayUMoney is available to purchase on its own, or you can purchase either of the Charitable Plus or Charitable Pro packages, which offers great savings for non-profits who need some of our other extensions.

Not in India and still looking for a gateway that suits you? We would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment below or get in touch via our Support form.

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16 responses to “PayUMoney: A Payment Gateway for Indian NGOs”

  1. pankaj Bhaiya Avatar
    pankaj Bhaiya

    I am a 29 year old NGO
    i want donation

  2. Dheeraj singh Avatar
    Dheeraj singh

    I hv new ngo for needy people & I need payment getaway for our Ngo. So kindly guide me.

    1. ericnicolaas Avatar

      Hi Dheeraj, I would recommend checking out our PayUMoney plugin. With this plugin you will be able to accept donations for your NGO in Indian Rupee.


      1. Rev Dr Hannah Avatar
        Rev Dr Hannah

        We have an orphanage in Chennai, infrastructure totally destroyed by the Vardah cyclone. I need to raise funds. We have 38 children in our care.
        How could I set up a donation page.

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  4. Monika Mital Avatar
    Monika Mital

    how do you take care of KYC as per SEBI guidelines from donators

    1. ericnicolaas Avatar

      Hi Monika,

      This is not something that Charitable handles.


  5. Kumar Jospeh Avatar
    Kumar Jospeh

    Can we accept payment for our trust from.overseas too ? Majorly from US and Europe

    1. ericnicolaas Avatar

      PayUMoney is primarily geared towards donations within India, and it only supports Indian Rupee.

      1. Sagar Khajuriwala Avatar
        Sagar Khajuriwala

        Hello give me ur contact no..

        1. ericnicolaas Avatar

          You can reach us through our support page:


  6. shyam soni Avatar

    Looking for payment gateway for NGO.

  7. I have my ngo with gateway acount
    In india

  8. Bhavanisankar Avatar

    Hello we have 80G, 12A, Trust certificate is that enough or we need FCRA for foreign transactions .

  9. Vikram Kanwar Avatar
    Vikram Kanwar

    I have two queries
    1) Does your PG offer special rates/concessions for NGOs
    2) Do you accept payments from PayTm wallet ?

    1. ericnicolaas Avatar

      Hi Vikram,

      Please reach out to PayUMoney about this:


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