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Updating Charitable

You can update Charitable via your website’s dashboard.

When there are updates for your WordPress site, you will see a little icon in your admin bar indicating how many updates there are.

WordPress updates icon

Click on this icon to go to the Updates pages. You will see a list of updates to be made to your WordPress installation, plugins or themes. If there are updates available for Charitable, you will see it listed on this page. To update plugins, simply check the box next to the plugins you want to update and click on Update Plugins.

Note: Before updating Charitable or any other part of your website, it is always a good idea to back up your site. We use BackupBuddy to take care of this, but there are many other options available via

Updating via FTP

If you are comfortable with FTP, you may prefer to update Charitable that way.

  1. When there is an update to Charitable, download the latest version from
  2. Using your FTP program, upload this folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress website.

Note: When you update plugins via FTP in this way, it can cause problems when people try to access your website while the files are being uploaded. For this reason, we strongly recommend updating via the WordPress dashboard.

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