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Team Members Shortcode

The [charitable_team_members] shortcode adds a grid showing a particular fundraising team’s members.

Premium Feature

The [charitable_team_members] shortcode is exclusively available with Charitable Ambassadors.


  • team_id: Set the team’s ID. This can be left out or set to current to display the members for the campaign currently being viewed.
  • title: Show a title before the list of team members. This is empty by default.
  • columns: Choose how many columns to show the list in. By default this is 2. Supports 1-6.


Show the team members for the current campaign


Show the team members for a specific campaign

[charitable_team_members team_id=88]

Show a title before the team members

[charitable_team_members team_id=88 title="Team Members"]

Show team members in a six-column grid

[charitable_team_members columns=6]