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Donors Shortcode

The [charitable_donors] shortcode allows you to display a list of donors to one or all of your campaigns on a page. It uses the same frontend template as the Donors widget, so its output is similar — it just provides you with flexibility to show the Donors in different spots.


  • number Number of donors to show. Default is 10.
  • orderby May be datedonations or amount. Default is date.
  • order May be ASC (ascending order) or DESC (descending order). Default is DESC.
  • campaign May be set to the ID of a campaign, current to display the donors to the campaign currently being viewed, or all or 0 to display donors to any campaign. Default is 0 (donors to any campaigns).
  • distinct_donors Only show unique donors. May be set to 0 (don’t show distinct) or 1 (show distinct). If a donor has donated more than once, they will only appear in the list once, with their donation amount calculated based on all their donations. Default is 0.
  • orientation May be vertical or horizontal. Default is horizontal.
  • show_name Whether the name should be shown. May be 1 (show) or 0 (don’t show). Default is 1.
  • show_location Whether the donor’s location should be shown. May be 1 (show) or 0 (don’t show). Default is 0.
  • show_amount Whether the donor’s donated amount should be shown. May be 1 (show) or 0(don’t show). Default is 1.
  • show_avatar Whether the donor’s avatar should be shown. May be 1 (show) or 0 (don’t show). Default is 1.
  • hide_if_no_donors Whether the shortcode should display anything if no one has donated yet. May be 1 (hide) or 0 (don’t hide). Default is 0.

Plus, if Gift Aid is activated and on version 1.1 or above, the following setting is available:

  • show_gift_aid Whether to display the Gift Aid amount for the donation. May be 1 (show) or 0(don’t show). Default is 0.


Default usage:


Show donors to the current campaign (to be used on a campaign page):

[charitable_donors campaign=current]

Show donors to a specific campaign (replace 123 with the ID of the campaign):

[charitable_donors campaign=123]

Show a donor leaderboard, ordered by amount donated:

[charitable_donors orderby=amount]

Show donors in a vertical list:

[charitable_donors orientation=vertical]

Only show donor’s names (hide amount, location and avatar):

[charitable_donors show_name=1 show_location=0 show_amount=0 show_avatar=0]

Show the Gift Aid amount for a donor’s donation (requires Charitable Gift Aid 1.1+):

[charitable_donors show_gift_aid=1]