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For the organization just getting started with Charitable, the Starter package is an affordable way to level up your online fundraising campaigns.

The Starter package includes:

  • Geolocation
  • Campaign Videos
  • Simple Updates
  • User Avatar – Complete Bundle
  • Anonymous Donations – Complete Bundle
  • Donor Comments – Complete Bundle

All that is available in a Pay What You Want Package for a suggested price of $19. That’s incredible value for extensions that on their own would be worth $60, easily.

Can’t afford the $19 price tag? That’s OK. We understand that every organization’s budget differs and your organization, and we are committed to supporting organizations of all sizes. You can get the Starter package for a minimum donation of $4.

If you can chip in a little extra, please help us continue developing and supporting Charitable and all its extensions. Every dollar we receive helps us dedicate more time and energy to the platform.

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