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User Roles and Permissions

Charitable adds two new user roles. In addition, Charitable Ambassadors adds an additional user role.



The donor role is given to users after they make a donation.


  • read

Campaign Manager

The campaign_manager role gives a user the ability view Charitable campaigns and donations in the admin, without being able to change settings.

Campaign managers have the same capabilities as an Editor in addition to a few Charitable-specific permissions.


  • view_charitable_sensitive_data
  • export_charitable_reports
  • read
  • delete_posts
  • edit_posts
  • delete_published_posts
  • publish_posts
  • upload_files
  • edit_published_posts
  • read_private_pages
  • edit_private_pages
  • delete_private_pages
  • read_private_posts
  • edit_private_posts
  • delete_private_posts
  • delete_others_posts
  • delete_published_pages
  • delete_others_pages
  • delete_pages
  • publish_pages
  • edit_published_pages
  • edit_others_pages
  • edit_pages
  • edit_others_posts
  • manage_links
  • manage_categories
  • moderate_comments
  • import
  • export
  • unfiltered_html

Campaign Creator (Ambassadors only)

The campaign_creator role is added to a user after they make a campaign.


  • read
  • edit_campaigns

Custom permissions

  • view_charitable_sensitive_data
  • export_charitable_reports
  • manage_charitable_settings
view_charitable_sensitive_dataCampaign Manager, AdministratorAllow a user to view, create and edit campaigns, donations, campaign categories and campaign tags in the WordPress dashboard.
export_charitable_reportsCampaign Manager, AdministratorAllow a user to export Donations or Campaign reports.
manage_charitable_settingsAdministratorAllow a user to manage the Charitable settings.