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Stats Shortcode

The [charitable_stat] shortcode allows you to display various Charitable statistics directly in a page. The statistics are dynamically calculated and displayed.

Note: The [charitable_stat] shortcode is only available in Charitable 1.6+.


  • display: The type of data to display. The choices are:
    • total – The amount that has been raised. This is the default option.
    • progress – How much has been raised in relation to a goal. This will display a horizontal progress bar measuring the progress against a goal. Requires a goal parameter to be included too.
    • donors – The number of donors.
    • donations – The number of donations.
  • campaigns: A comma-separated list of campaign IDs. If not provided, all campaigns will be included. By default, this is empty (all campaigns are included).
  • goal: Required if display=progress. The goal that your progress is measured in relation to, without any currency symbols. By default, this is empty.


Default. Show total $ raised in all campaigns


Same as default. Shows total $ raised in all campaigns

[charitable_stat display=total]

Show total number of donors in all campaigns

[charitable_stat display=donors]

Show total number of donations in all campaigns

[charitable_stat display=donations]

Show total $ raised by all campaigns as a progress bar

[charitable_stat display=progress goal=100000]

Note: the goal parameter is required when display is set to progress.