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Resend Donation Emails from the Dashboard

With Charitable 1.5, you can resend donation emails from the Dashboard.

There are two emails which you can resend:

  • Donor: Donation Receipt
  • Admin: New Donation Notification

To resend either of these, head to your WordPress Dashboard and then go to Charitable > Donations. Find the donation you’d like to resend the email(s) for, then click on that donation, or click View, which will open up the Donation Details.

On the right of the page you will see a Donation Actions meta box. Here you can click to select an action, and then choose which email you’d like to resend. Then just click Resend Email and you’re done.

Donation Log

Below the donation details, you’ll see the Donation Log section. Here you’ll see any activity that has taken place for the donation that you are viewing, including any emails that have been sent. You can resend emails from here, by clicking the Resend it now link.