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The Charitable_Campaign class allows you to get information about a particular campaign.

Getting an instance of Charitable_Campaign

There are two primary ways to get a Charitable_Campaign object:

// Instantiate the object directly.
$campaign = new Charitable_Campaign( 123 );

// Get the object using a function.
$campaign = charitable_get_campaign( 123 );

While both options work, we recommend using charitable_get_campaign for forward-compatibility (in case we add object caching for campaigns or filtering).

Class source code


get( $meta_name, $single = true )

Get a value from the post_meta table.

This wraps around get_post_meta but automatically prepends _campaign_ to the meta field.

// These two are equivalent:
$end_date = $campaign->get( 'end_date', true );

$end_date = get_post_meta( $campaign->ID, '_campaign_end_date', true );


Returns whether a campaign is endless (i.e. it does not have an end date).


Returns an array containing the campaign’s suggested donation options.

If the campaign does not have any suggested donations, it will return an empty array.

get_end_date( $date_format = '' )

Returns the campaign end date, or false if the campaign does not have an end date.

If specified, sets the format for the end date. If you do not set a date format, the site’s date format will be used.

// Get the end date formatted according to the site's default date format.

// Get the end date formatted like "January 1, 2017"
$campaign->get_end_date( 'j F, Y' );


Get the timestamp of the end date, or false if the campaign does not have an end date.

// Get the timestamp for the end date.