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Authorize.Net Troubleshooting

This page outlines some common issues our customers run into with Authorize.Net, apart from problems relating to webhooks. If you getting an error related to webhooks not being set up, see our Authorize.Net Webhooks Troubleshooting guide instead.

ERROR: E00114 Invalid OTS Token

The OTS Token error is related to some internal processes in the Authorize.Net system. Unfortunately, since it’s due to problems on the Authorize.Net side, Charitable is not able to completely avoid it happening.

However, an effective workaround is to force a little delay when processing the donation. This slows down the donation process slightly (which is why this option is not on by default), but customers who have encountered this error have found that adding the delay results in the donation processing successfully.

To set up the delay, you need to add a little bit of code to your website:

 * Force a 10 second wait before executing the API request.
 * Note that this only applies to recurring donations; the OTS Token
 * error only seems to happen for recurring donations.
 * This filter will only work in Charitable Authorize.Net 1.2+.
 * @return int The number of seconds to wait.
add_filter( 'charitable_authorize_net_wait_before_request', function() {
	return 10;
} );

See for a guide to adding code like this to your site.