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Franklin is being replaced by Reach


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Franklin is Retired

Our popular crowdfunding theme, Franklin, has been retired. But we’re proud to introduce it’s replacement — Reach.

Reach is based heavily on Franklin, but instead of relying on the obsolete Crowdfunding by Astoundify plugin, Reach is powered by Charitable.

Charitable vs Crowdfunding by Astoundify 

Reach Demo 

Reach is Powered by Charitable

Charitable is the free WordPress donation plugin that gives you full control over your fundraising experience.


Create campaigns

Charitable makes it super easy to create fundraising campaigns. Install, activate and create your first campaign in less than 5 minutes.

Accept donations

With Charitable, supporters can donate to your cause on your website. Accept PayPal or offline donations out of the box, with other gateways available as extensions.


No Transaction Fees

We won’t charge you any transaction fees, and you can use Charitable for free.

works with any theme

Charitable has been built to work with any WordPress theme, giving you the freedom to choose.


One size does not fit all. That’s why Charitable has a growing library of powerful extensions.

Outstanding Support

We are committed to Charitable and its users, so you can expect top-notch support.

“Incredible Plugin. Concierge Support!”

I’ve been with these guys since they created the Franklin theme (3 years) and this plugin is great and filling a niche that was being overlooked. But best of all is the incredible customer support that comes along with it.

Best money our non-profit has spent! (We’re Pro users, Charitable itself is FREE!) Thanks Eric & Wes!

Jeremy’s Jump


Reach and Charitable are made with by Studio 164a