What is a Parent Campaign?

Note: This documentation refers to new functionality that is being added in version 1.2.0 of Charitable Ambassadors. If you stumble across this, please note that this functionality does not yet exist in Ambassadors.

Charitable Ambassadors includes the ability to create multi-level campaigns.

In a multi-level campaign, there is a Parent Campaign. Other campaigns can be created as fundraisers that contribute to this Parent Campaign. We call these Child Campaigns.

Any funds raised by a Child Campaign are automatically counted as contributions to the Parent Campaign, as well as the Child Campaign.

For example, let’s suppose your organization creates a new campaign called “Walk for Hope 2017”. In your campaign settings, you enable Ambassadors to create fundraisers as part of the “Walk for Hope 2017” campaign.

Now, your supporters can create their own fundraising page as part of the “Walk for Hope 2017” campaign. Every dollar they raise will be shown on their campaign page, as well as the main “Walk for Hope 2017” campaign page.

In other words, “Walk for Hope 2017” is the Parent Campaign. Jane, Jeremy and Shannon create their own fundraisers contributing to the “Walk for Hope 2017” campaign; their campaigns are Child Campaigns.

What about Ambassadors raising money for a personal cause?

Any funds raised by a Child Campaign are contributed to the Parent Campaign. This means that if the Parent Campaign was created by an Ambassador who is raising money for a personal cause, anyone who creates a Child Campaign will have their funds contributed to the Parent Campaign.

This is the same as for Parent Campaigns that contribute to the organization; the only difference is that instead of the organization receiving all funds raised by Child Campaigns, the Ambassador who created the Parent Campaign will receive all funds.

Note: If you do not allow your Ambassadors to create Parent Campaigns, they will also not be able to raise money for personal causes, and that option will be disabled when you configure your settings under Charitable > Settings > Ambassadors.

Remember: Ambassadors who create Child Campaigns never receive the money they raise through their Child Campaign.