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How to Hide Post/Page Meta

One of the common questions that people ask is how to remove the page/post meta information that is displayed at the bottom of pages and posts by default:

There are two ways to do this.

1. Remove it from all pages and posts

If you never want to display this information at the bottom of pages and posts, you can achieve that by using the Reach child theme. If you’re not using it already, click here to get started with the child theme.

Now that you have your child theme up and running, you can remove the meta by creating a new blank file in your child theme at partials/meta-byline.php. Leave the file empty and save it.

If you reload your site now, you should see that the meta has been removed from all posts and pages.

However, on blog posts, you will still see a little categorization meta block, as pictured below:

To remove that meta block as well, create another new blank file in your child theme at partials/meta-taxonomy.php and save it. It should now be gone.

2. Remove it from some pages or posts

You may only want to remove the meta from some pages or posts. In that case, you can use a little plugin we created called Hide Meta.

To use it, download the plugin here. Next, install and activate the plugin in your website.

Now you can edit the page or post that you want to remove the meta from and simply check this box:

This will remove all types of meta from the post or page.