Customize Your WordPress Donation Form — Without Code

Graphic showing various ways the donation form can be customized.

When I started chatting to nonprofits about their online fundraising system, many mentioned the same problem: the fundraising platform they used did not give them enough control. Too often, they were set up as a one-size-fits-all solution. As we began developing Charitable, we knew that we wanted to give users a way to tailor it to…

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Sell Tickets to Your Fundraising Event with WordPress

Abstract photo of lighting

A lot of fundraising may have moved online, but real world fundraising events like gala dinners still represent a key component of many organizations’ annual fundraising. Today, I want to show how you can use your WordPress website to sell tickets to your gala dinner — and automatically link it into an online fundraising campaign.

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How to Build a Non-Profit Fundraising Website with Make

For non-profits trying to stick to a low overhead, WordPress is a great choice because it keeps your website costs down. WordPress itself is free. There are thousands of free plugins. Likewise with themes. And you can find many more paid plugins or themes that will cost less than $100. But with all that choice…

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