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Interview with Yael Reinhardt-Matsliah

Yael ReYael Reinhardt Matsliah profile photoinhardt-Matsliah is a former activist turned web designer and the owner of Pixel Happy Studio, a design studio based in Israel. Yael works with clients all over the world who share her commitment to make the world a better place.

We came across Yael earlier this year while she worked on a brand new website for the Nu Mu Lambda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity created for African Americans. We loved Yael’s super-clean integration of Charitable on the Scholarship Beautillion section, where donors can support young men preparing for college.

With the website now launched, I caught up with Yael to talk about her business and her experiences working with non-profit organisations. Read more

Matchme: A Crowdfunding Platform for Donation Matching

An interview with Jeremy Peskin, Co-founder and President of Matchme

Photo of Jeremy Peskin, Co-founder and President of MatchmeA few weeks ago, launched as a free donation matching platform, connecting non-profits with businesses that want to make a social impact.

The website launched at an interesting time. Google’s matching donation campaign for Syrian refugees raised an impressive €10 million, showing just how big an impact businesses can have when they put their weight – and money – behind a social cause they care about.

I chatted to Matchme’s co-founder and President, Jeremy Peskin, to find out more about the vision behind Matchme. Read more